Thoughts and Stories of a Dog-Loving Tech Entrepreneur

3 Things I Learned From 2016 To Bring Into 2017

Five years ago, I decided to make a change, stop living a straight path, and to learn to see and experience the world differently, from many different perspectives. Since then, this journey has blessed me with amazing sights, sounds, emotions,… Continue Reading →

Fantastic Bits A.I. Competition Post-Mortem

I came across this cool competitive programming website, Codingame, recently and have been using it during my massive free time (*sarcasm-alert*) to strengthen my AI-muscles on the multiplayer challenges and then entered one of their week-long competitions in which you program… Continue Reading →

I’m an MBA grad!

Early this year, I came across an advertisement on Instagram for a new startup called Smartly (turns out the company is actually called Pedago) that read, “Apply to the most selective MBA program in the world! Free if you are accepted.” I’d wanted… Continue Reading →

It’s Back!

More than a year after my website got hacked and taken down, this site is back and I can blog again! Unfortunately, restoring the old posts will take more effort than I’d like so I’ve decided to start fresh. Here’s to… Continue Reading →

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